Dining~ Incredibly sorry, but we are no longer able to serve the public.

You may want to try Hook U Up Gourmet or Oyster House Eatery and for music and party atmosphere, The Shanty. For breakfast the Cape Charles Coffee House OR Rayfields Pharmacy for an authentic five and dime atmosphere and fare : )
Our Overnite Guests have a private chef available to them 7 days a week.
Phone 757-678-6355 for reservations and information.


Our food is always fresh, local and delicious! Dining liesurely at Kings Creek Inn can be a relaxing way to spend the evening with your significant other or friends. Try your hand at a game of darts or billiards in between cocktails or courses if you’d like.


for our Overnite Guests…
Wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, muffins or scones baking in the oven,  You may choose a dish featuring local free range eggs such as cheddar cheese omelettes smothered with sauteed mushrooms, or instead choose vanilla yogurt with fruit, berries and organic granola, orange juice, or it may be the morning for other house specialties, such as New Orleans French toast or an apple or blueberry brown butter crumble.


Coffee, tea, cakes and other delicious snacks are available by asking Dawn or Jim..

Our Evening Meal is Available to the Public:
Friday- Sat- 5:00 – 10:00

Savor your evening meal by candle and firelight when it is chilly outside, and linger a while in front of the large open hearth in the Bunbury Bar and Dining or reserve a table in the adjoining Nook’s cozy setting.

Now that the weather is becoming warmer, be sure to secure a space in our screened porch to enjoy your dinner and watch the birds dive into the water for their own evening meal.

From King’s Creek Inn to our neighbors and friends at Tower Hill and beyond~~
*******Gluten Free***** If your life includes a gluten free regime, have no fear, call ahead and we will have rice ready for you, or rice pasta or potato pasta or potatoes to substitute for you, depending upon which of our dinner entrees you are ordering. If you are an avid veggie lover, we will combine several goodies to make your taste buds smile.
Our evening meals are generally priced from 14.50 – 28.50   All of our entrees are served with a crisp salad including spinach, romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, craisins, and organic herbed croutons.
Please keep in mind, even If you’ve already had dinner elsewhere; you too can be part of the “INNCROWD” Just come on in, relax with a board game, play some billiards, and finish the evening with Luscious Desserts, Delicious Affordable Wines, a taste of Brandy, or Coffee with Baileys. Make it your habit to wind up the evening by taking the time you deserve to savor the flavor and create a happy memory for your soul..
As always, our goal is for your maximum comfort and enjoyment, so please make your reservation in advance so that you won’t be disappointed.. Phone 757-678-6355
Please feel free to pass this on to anyone that you choose to… Thank you
 ~Dawn & Jim~
Destination Location :
Our grounds may be available for you to bring your own caterer and rent  our piece of paradise for your special event. Weddings, Rehearsal dinners, Special Birthdays, Reunions or any occasion that can create a memory to last a lifetime. Stop in for a tour and details.


The nook

Pool table and fireplace

Nook with wine bottles

People eating

Pool table